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How to Plan the Best-Ever Bachelorette Party

Being chosen as your friend’s maid of honor is a huge privilege, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. The maid of honor addresses invites, manages the bridal party, and hosts or co-hosts the bridal shower, but no maid of honor duty is more important than the bachelorette party. Make sure you plan an event to remember by following these bachelorette party-planning tips.

Consult the Bachelorette

No matter how well you know the bride-to-be, don’t assume you know what she wants when it comes to her bachelorette party. While some bachelorettes can’t wait to go all out celebrating their last days as single women, others want nothing more than a relaxing break from the stress of wedding planning. Before you start making reservations and planning party games, ask the bride-to-be how she envisions her bachelorette soirée.

During the conversation, find out what kind of party the bride-to-be desires, the names and contact information of everyone she wants to attend, and when she’d like to celebrate. Many people think bachelorette parties are held the day before the wedding, but it’s usually a better idea to schedule events a few weeks apart.

Set a Budget

Attending a wedding can be expensive, and the costs add up quickly when you factor in bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and bachelorette parties. Since income levels are likely to vary across bridesmaids and friends, discuss everyone’s budget before the planning begins. Find out what each person on the bride’s guest list can afford to spend, and let those numbers inform your planning. Factor in meals, drinks, and gifts as well as travel and lodging costs.

Decide on a Destination

Some bachelorette parties are little more than a night on the town with the bride-to-be’s closest friends, while others are all-out affairs in an exciting locale. Either way, you’ll need to choose the destination for your friend’s hen party.

When deciding between a destination bachelorette party and a local bash, consider the number of attendees, their budget, and your own capacity for planning. If the guest list is long and budgets tight, staying nearby will help ensure everyone can make it. But if everyone can afford to travel and you have the time to plan a destination affair, traveling can make the bachelorette party that much more memorable.

Plus, traveling doesn’t have to mean spending an arm and a leg. While you could jet off for a week in Mexico, you could also load everyone into a ritzy rental car and spend a weekend exploring a nearby city.

Plan Activities

The bachelorette party is about more than letting loose with the bride-to-be’s closest gal pals. It’s also a time for the bridal party to get to know each other before the big day. Planning party activities is a great way to help everyone bond and prevent awkward group dynamics.

To start the event off on the right foot, schedule a laid-back activity that lets everyone chat and get to know one another, like mimosas and manicures. Party games build rapport while keeping energy levels up throughout the day. And booking a private karaoke room, going to a comedy club, or hitting a barcade adds another level of fun to a night on the town.

Make the Final Preparations

As the date approaches, it’s time to make sure everything is in place for the best party imaginable. Let everyone know what to pack, make plans for safe transportation between venues and lodging, and confirm all reservations. Remind everyone to take care of home security before you depart, especially if it’s a destination event that will leave houses unattended for a weekend or more. The last thing you want is for the great memories you make to be tainted by a home break-in while you’re away.

With this advice, you can plan the perfect bachelorette party and create memories to last a lifetime.

Image via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Author: Aimee Lyons


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