Tips on Beach Wedding Organization

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If you have been dreaming of getting married on a tropical island or a sunny beach, it’s time to make this dream come true. Any traditional church ceremony won’t bring such a great feeling of joy and exotics as a wedding on the beach. Especially if you prefer informal celebrations and the thought of walking barefoot on the sandy aisle makes your heart beat faster. So we’re bringing the best tips on how to create an unforgettable day in your life in a specific place. Let’s begin!

Wedding Dresses

Say “no” to ball gowns as they don’t definitely work for this type of a wedding. A bride should feel comfortable and easy to move. Choosing a ball gown, you put your comfort at a great risk. It’s much better to prefer beach wedding dresses made of chiffon. Such a material will let your dress beautifully fly in the wind providing a total freedom of movement.

Full dress and long trains will surely distract you during the ceremony and put some stress on you. Yes, they say, beauty comes hand in hand with pain, but believe us, you can look awesome without unnecessary suffering.

Light beach wedding dresses made of silk chiffon bring the ethereal feel due to their softness and airy sheerness. Dresses decorated with beading and illusion lace create the perfect romantic combination. Imagine how astonishing the beading will glow in the moonlight during your first dance on the beach!

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Flowy beach wedding dresses, which combine the lace tops and light chiffon skirts, appear to be the best easy-to-wear pieces for the romantic and the adventurous barefoot brides.

If you want to add a stronger summer vibe to your wedding outfit, pay attention to the models with an open back and V-neckline that has become a real classic of the casual wedding style. It will focus attention on your natural beauty by adding a strong raisin to your appearance.

Long veil is not a good option even if there’s no strong wind. The breeze will be present anyway and that will cause a real problem for you and the photographer.

The Best Attire for Him

Black suits are good for church ceremonies, but are not welcomed here. Grooms should choose light colors and outfit made of light fabric. Cotton shirts will let them feel comfortable and stylish. In terms of color, it’s better to wear khaki. Dark colors attract sunbeams while lighter colors reflect them, saving a groom from heat.

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Think About Safety

It’s really hard to imagine a wedding without floral décor and bouquets. The first thing you should keep in mind – not all flowers are considered to be good for beach weddings. Roses, that are mostly used for traditional ceremonies, fade very fast while lilies, orchids, callas keep a neat and nice look for a long time. If you don’t want to be sunburnt, take care of the sunscreen.

Invest in a Good Sound

You can face a lot of noise on the beach. Crying children, annoying music from the nearest cafes, wind and the waves can be a real problem if you don’t have a good sound system. That’s why we advise to use microphones that will allow your guests to hear your confessions and vows.

Take Care of Privacy

Screaming children and strangers passing by could spoil the atmosphere, so make sure, whether it’s possible to privatize the beach for your wedding. A booked beach wedding ceremony doesn’t mean that you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere on the beach. We advise you to check in advance if the beach will really be only yours on a wedding day to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Pay Attention to Your Shoes

Sinking in the sand during the ceremony is not what a bride should experience! Give up the idea of wearing high heels and choose flat-soled sandals or walk barefoot. That will bring a true wild spirit and save you from unpleasant troubles. Sand on the beach could be very hot so it might be helpful to use a fabric cloth for the aisle to provide your feet with a comfortable feeling.

Guests won’t be in a good temper with the sand in their shoes. Think about arranging the shoe station where guests could leave their shoes and put on comfortable sandals. You don’t need to spend too much money and strength on it. Place a bench, a bucket with water and put some towels.

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