Clever Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

September 8, 2020 Comment

Following your engagement, you will certainly be ecstatic about asking your friends to stand beside you on your wedding day as your bridesmaids. It is an opportunity to show them how much they truly mean to you – and a sign of the good time to come! Selecting how you propose can be a tough decision, mainly due to the limitless possibilities. Here are several creative ways you can ask your bridesmaids to say “I do”:

  • Something Sentimental. The most popular gifts are those that mean the most, and are functional. Whether it is a reminder of your glory days together, or a testament of how much you know your friend, the following gifts can say both:
    • Jewelry. Select jewelry unique to each of your bridesmaids’ style, and have it engraved with the big question. Make sure it is somewhere hidden, like the back of a pendant necklace or the underside of a bracelet. This way, they will wear it no matter the occasion. If there isn’t enough space, you can add a small piece of paper to the box or wrappings.
    • A Monogrammed Tote. You can never have too many bags! A cute monogrammed tote bag can go a long way. It is perfect for your bachelorette party travels, as well as packing everything for the big day. Plus, a simple design means it can be used for years to come. You can add a card for the big question, or fill it with fun and fabulous goodies.


  • Something Boozy. Let’s face it, you can never have too many accessories for drinking. They are perfect for hosting, traveling and lazing. You can gift your girls with shot, champagne or wine glasses – maybe even a colorful, drop-proof tumbler! Going on a bachelorette trip? Have a flask engraved with their initials, perfect for spill proof hiking or hot tubbing. If you live by the rule “go big or go home”, create custom wine labels to fit their favorite bottle.


  • Themed Gift Boxes. One of the most versatile gifts, themed boxes, can pack all kinds of surprises! Consider one of these themes to treat your girls:
    • A Pampering Box. Besides asking them to be your bridesmaids, show your girls how much you care. Being a bridesmaid is a stressful job, that you can help relieve. Pack them a few things for a self-care day, such as a robe, a face mask, a bath bomb, body lotion, or even some of your own favorite products. These can be also be saved for the bachelorette party, or the night before the wedding. In fact, Lush is the perfect place to build these boxes, and buy some goodies for yourself.
    • A “Day of” Box. Your ladies may end up shelling out a decent amount for their bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, and your bachelorette trip. Show them your appreciation with a “day of” kit, so that they won’t have to stress over any last-minute wedding day touch-ups. This can include a case of bobby pins, makeup or lashes, a face mask, a gift card for coffee, and much more. You can also contribute to their day-of look, with jewelry or nail polish.
  • Tasty Treats. If you are unsure as to what your bridesmaids may enjoy, a few sweet treats always go over well. Make sure you stick to classics that everyone will enjoy, like chocolates, or pick out each of your girls’ favorite candy. Take it to the next level with some baked goods. For example, personalized sugar cookies or macaroons, from one of the many talented bakeries found on Central Coast Bride. The possibilities for your food-obsessed friends are endless! For more inspiration, check out Pinterest – or whip out your old apron, and throw The Great British Bake Off on!


  • Something Simple. There are a handful of gifts that have stood the test of time, and make for an easy way to pop the question. If you don’t have a large budget for your bridesmaid proposals, here are some ideas that are sweet, functional, and budget friendly:
    • Flowers. You may want to consider allergies before heading to the shop, but flowers are a great accompaniment for a bridesmaid proposal. Choose flowers that fit each of your girls’ personalities, or that you know are their favorites. In case you didn’t know, roses in the orange to yellow color range are a sign of cheerfulness – particularly the cheer felt when you spend time with a friend.
    • A Letter. The act of writing a letter may feel outdated, but taking the time required do so shows a tremendous amount of care. You can write about anything, but we recommend that you remind them of how and why you became friends. Don’t leave out why you feel it is so important that they are standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life. A letter is a beautiful idea for a proposal that can be given alone, or in addition to any of the gifts previously mentioned. Throw in some of your favorite pictures of the two of you together, and we guarantee it will be one of their favorite gifts.

Once you have decided on a special way to ask the girls to be your bridesmaids, look for local vendors at Central Coast Bride to fulfill all of your needs, and more. Our comprehensive list of approved vendors will help you find local, trustworthy businesses, for an unforgettable bridesmaid proposal. Afterwards, use our free wedding planning tools to get a head start on planning the big day.

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