How to Plan an Amazing Wedding First-Look Photo Session

October 20, 2020 Comment

A first-look moment is such a wonderful experience for a couple! While you may see your sexy special someone each and every day, you have yet to view them as a bride or groom. So, this will certainly be a once in a lifetime event.

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However, in order for your special moment to be all that you hoped it would be, you will want to ensure that it is planned to perfection!

Are you ready to plan your own first-look photo session? If so, you are in luck! As here at Central Coast Bride, as a resource for discovering Grover Beach wedding vendors, we have gathered some tips to assist you with doing so. If you are all set to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Your Setting. First off, you will want to discover a setting for your first-look photo session to take place within. Seeing as this will be an intimate moment for you and your partner, you will want to ensure that your location will be private, so that you aren’t interrupted. After all, you don’t want your guests photobombing such an awesome moment! In addition, you will want to settle on a setting that presents enough space for you to capture your heartfelt images.
  • Your Moment. How do you want your first-look moment to play out? You will want to determine how you would like to view one another for the first time. You can make your way to your partner as they stand facing away from you, and then have them turn around once you arrive. Or, you can amp up the fun and blindfold your partner, and have some fun creating some risque photos. There are many opportunities for creativity!
  • Your Photographer. Last, you will want to inform your photographer of your plan for your first-look moment. This way, they can get to know your setting and where you will be standing, so that they can capture the best angles, lighting, and overall wonderful photos of your once in a lifetime emotions.

Your first-look photo session deserves to be spectacular! These are just a few tips to assist you with planning yours.

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If you are all set to discover your own wedding vendors in Grover Beach, California, such as Jaydyn Blair Photography who can capture your first-look photos, please get in touch with us here at Central Coast Bride! We believe that every wedding should be created with wonderful vendors, and would be pleased to pair you with yours.


Photo Credit: Weston Neuschafer Photography

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