Top Flowers for the Month of Your Wedding

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Flowers are such a big part of your big day! Bouquets, floral arrangements, the utilization of petals; your blooms will be showcased all throughout your wedding, from your ceremony to your reception. Therefore, you will certainly to choose the best ones of your wedding specifically.

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Are you aware that there are actually some top flowers for each month of the year?

We want to assist you with presenting the most gorgeous flowers on your wedding day! That’s why, here at Central Coast Bride, we have gathered the top flowers that you could choose for the month of your wedding. If you are ready to discover some great inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • January. Add a dash of winter to your floral arrangements by choosing to present ranunculus. These intricate flowers, showcased in white, would be a lovely option for your January big day, as they will showcase and icy and elegant appearance.
  • February. Your floral arrangements can radiate intimacy with beautiful roses! After all, February is said to be the month of love, and roses are said to be the flower of romance. Pinks and reds would be ideal color choices to present.
  • March. With a lovely aroma and a variety of blue and yellow hues, freesias will be in bloom for your March wedding! These dainty flowers pose as the perfect filler florals, accentuating your big day beautifully.
  • April. Do you have a love for the simple things in life? If so, you can showcase gerbera daisies throughout your wedding. Providing a happy charm and a dash of fun to your floral arrangements, these lovely blooms are sure to prompt smiles when viewed by your guests.
  • May. April showers brought May flowers, and those flowers would be tulips! They are a grand choice for presenting both color and an organic appeal throughout your floral arrangements.
  • June. Are you seeking a unique appearance for your wedding flowers? If so, calla lilies certainly won’t disappoint! These intricate blooms will make quite the statement if utilized throughout your wedding. And they, pose as an ideal choice for boutonnieres.
  • July. Summer is the perfect time for you to embrace the country and the beauty it presents! Sunflowers will add a rustic charm to your July big day, with their bright color and sunny appearance…the perfect choice for your seasonal wedding!
  • August. Shining bright in August, dahlias showcase an array of varieties, from simplistic white to elaborate colors. They are the perfect blooms to utilize to create focal points throughout your wedding floral arrangements.
  • September. Showcase a unique appearance throughout your floral décor this September with the use of chrysanthemums. These large, single blooms can be used as focal flowers, while their spray varieties pose as wonderful fillers.
  • October. You can evoke a dash of creativity with cornflowers! Very popular in blue, but also available in other colors, such as white, pink, and deep red, these unique and intricate flowers will certainly make quite the statement on your wedding day.
  • November. Complement your November wedding with the use of carthamus! These bright orange and yellow thistle flowers will provide you with a lovely splash of fall color for the season! In addition, they will present dimension with their unique texture.
  • December. You can end the year with a bang on your wedding day with the use of abundant hydrangeas! Adding volume to arrangements, these stunning blooms are beautiful on their own, or as filler flowers. They will certainly provide your arrangements with anything but a lackluster appearance.

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Your wedding flowers should be stunning! These are just a few of the many options available to you and your big day. Here at Central Coast Bride, we are happy to assist you with planning your own special day by pairing you with the best San Luis Obispo wedding vendors, such as the florist, Marshall Gardens. Please contact us today to explore wonderful wedding vendors in Santa Barbara, California.


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