Survive Your Wedding Day with An Awesome Survival Kit

October 11, 2020 Comment

Life isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s easy to say that shit happens! This is especially true when it comes to a wedding. While you will obviously hope that everything will go according to your plan, you should think again! Therefore, you will want to ensure that you are prepared for any mishaps that could occur on your big day.

If you were to spill some of your mimosa on your wedding dress, or if you had too many brews at your bachelor party the night before and feel like shit on your big day, would you be prepared?

We understand just how important it is to be prepared on such a special day! That’s why, here at Central Coast Bride, as a resource for discovering local wedding vendors, we have gathered some tips to assist you with creating a wedding day survival kit. If you are all set to discover some awesome inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Sewing Kit

    Wouldn’t it suck if one of the buttons fell off of your suit? Or, you snagged your wedding dress? Heck yeah it would! Especially since you probably forked out quite a bit of cash on your attire. So, you will certainly want to ensure that it looks amazing as you make your grand debut down the aisle.

    • With a sewing kit comprised with items such as buttons, a needle and thread, and extra fabric, you can guarantee that you will be prepared to take on any seamstress needs that may present themselves when it comes to your attire on your big day!
  • Stain Remover

    Whether you are sharing a brewski with your bros, or a mimosa with your ladies, before you make your way down the aisle, know that a potential spill could be in your future! If you happen to spill something among your attire, stain remover will do just the trick!

    • Consider having a to-go stain remover pen, as they are amazing for quick fixes.
    • Or, you could go the old-fashioned route and have a baking soda solution on hand (4 Tablespoons of Baking Soda mixed with ¼ cup of water – rub the paste among the stain, and rinse with water) to rid your attire of stains, as it’s safe to use on all types of fabric.
  • Oral Hygiene

    You will be taking part in your first kiss as newlyweds on your wedding day. So, you will certainly want to ensure that your smile, and your breath, is on point! After all, do you really want to kiss your partner with some stanky breath? Hell no!

    • Prepare yourself with some dental floss, just in case you get something stuck between your teeth.
    • In addition, know that the main items that you will want to arm yourself with would be some mouth wash and breath mints, so that you can evoke nothing but freshness for that first kiss!
  • “Feel Good” Items

    If you don’t feel well, chances are you won’t enjoy your wedding day that much. Whether you just have some pre-wedding jitters, or you’re hungover from the banging bachelor party that you had the night before, make sure that you are prepared by equipping yourself with some “feel good” products!

    • Aspirin and Ibuprofen can do wonders for getting rid of those pesky headaches.
    • Or, if you are hungover, consider re-indulging by drinking a bloody Mary!
    • In addition, know that saltine crackers can aid with upset stomachs. Also, be sure to drink plenty of that H20, as water can do wonders for your body. So, make sure you have some water bottles on hand!

Being prepared on your big day is certainly of importance! These are just a few tips to assist you with creating your own wedding day survival kit.

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