Beware of These Wedding Makeup Mistakes

September 25, 2018 Comment

Most brides want to look like a princess on their wedding day, and they find themselves planning for months in advance for hair and makeup, as well as adopting new beauty and weight loss routines.

There’s usually quite a lot of pressure for brides to look their absolute best on their wedding day. While this is totally understandable, it’s important for brides to also beware: many have fallen victim to committing makeup mistakes on their big day because they’re trying to meet that pressure to look extra beautiful.

“We see hundreds of brides who look absolutely stunning! But, every so often, there’s an unfortunate girl who looks way too overdone,” says Rafi Hovagimian, owner of Olivia Event Venue in Los Angeles. “It’s too bad, since you’re supposed to enhance your beauty on your wedding day, not bury it.”

Don’t fall victim to tragic makeup. Take a look at some of the most common makeup mistakes that brides make, and avoid them, written by Tori Pope:

  • Not Speaking Up. 95% of brides work with a makeup artist for their wedding. This is great, if you can be honest with them. “Makeup artists can get a little too eager, especially with brides,” Hovagimian says, “and the result can often be alarming.” Just keep in mind, it’s your wedding day, and you have the right to look the way you want. If your makeup artist isn’t achieving the look you want, be honest with him or her and work together until you’re happy with your look. And although it usually costs money, it’s very smart to have a makeup trial done before the day.
  • Too Much Makeup. Many women believe that because it’s their wedding day, they need to look above-and-beyond glamorous—and that’s completely fine, except sometimes they translate “glamorous” into “lots of makeup”. This is a big mistake, since wearing too much makeup on your wedding day can cause issues. For one, you don’t want to look like a clown, or overly-done. You can look glamorous and well-balanced at the same time. The other downside of too much makeup is that if you’re not used to it, you’ll be uncomfortable in it. You’ll be hot or itchy, or both—and that will come through in your wedding photos. “Sadly, we have seen a few brides who are very sweaty due to their heavy makeup,” Hovagimian
  • Bolder Makeup than Normal. The pressure to look extra-amazing for your wedding can cause some brides to make “adventurous” choices that they would normally never make, such as super bright eye shadow, lots of blush, heavy eyeliner, dark lipstick, or heavily bronzed skin. If you typically wear natural-looking makeup and then you’re suddenly wearing very striking makeup on your wedding day, your groom may not even recognize you. Instead of going overboard, stick to a slightly enhanced version of what you know you look good in. you’ve most likely been wearing makeup for years, and have perfected your look over that time. Just go a small step above that, and you should look wonderful.
  • Going with a Trend. Wedding photos can either be timeless or tacky. The difference? Going with a look that’s classic, not of-the-moment. Trends such as super-sharp contouring, liquid highlighter, holographic makeup, or wavy eyebrows may be popular right now, but will they be in five years? This goes for hair, too. The last thing you want for your wedding photos is to be embarrassed by a badly-dated trend. “Stick with a look that is inarguably lovely and will stand the test of time,” Hovagimian
  • Unfamiliar Techniques. Again, your wedding day is not the time to experiment with makeup for the first time. If you’ve never tried contouring, false eyelashes, eyebrow threading, or smoky eyes, don’t try it now. Even if you look fashion-shoot ready, you still shouldn’t go overboard. You’ll want to look like yourself. You don’t want everyone to see you on your wedding day and be distracted by how different you look. Instead, you want them to notice how beautiful you look. It’s important to not confuse beauty with trying out new makeup.

Hopefully you’ll avoid making any cringe-worthy wedding makeup mistakes. Remember, this is why makeup trials exist. Do yourself a favor and don’t skip it! And if you’re displeased during the trial, work with your makeup artist or find a new one. If you’ll be doing your makeup yourself, just don’t go overboard. Simple is sublime!

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AUTHOR: Tori Pope

Photo Credit: Ellie Koleen Photography

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