How to look HOT at a Wedding, Without Upstaging the Bride

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Okay, so we know that this isn’t directly something that you as a bride would be tuning in to, but we figured that there may be that one person at your wedding that you may want to forward this article over to as a subtle hint;) We asked Krista Smith of Hey Gorgeous Formal wear in Grover Beach, CA to give us a few tips on looking uber hot at a wedding without overdoing it. Her response is genius!

Contributed by: Krista Smith of Hey Gorgeous Formalwear

First things first, in my personal opinion, the only way to truly outshine a Bride on her special day, would be to attend the wedding in a costly white gown, stand in front of the guests and start kissing the groom! A bride is so truly beautiful and always has a certain type of elegance, that makes it challenging to outshine. For those that don’t want to run the risk of outshining the bride on her special day, but still want to look smokin’ hot, this article is for you.


When it comes to looking like a dime piece for a wedding, the first rule is that, please repeat after me, more skin does not mean more sexy. I can’t hear you in the back! Lets repeat, more skin does not mean more sexy. Some of my own outfits that others have stated, “wow, you look bomb”, are usually some of my most conservative ones. Keeping your look less revealing will help keep it classy and will also help you to not draw attention away from the bride as well. Now when I say keep it more conservative, I do not mean that you have to wear a turtle neck and long pants. I simply mean keep it tasteful. In my opinion a little skin never hurt anyone. And sometimes a little skin is inevitable like for those who are on the bustier side, sometimes its impossible to not have “the girls” show up at the wedding as an uninvited guest. So what’s the secret to looking sexy without looking like you’re on the way to a night club in Vegas?


The first key is that you need to know what your best body features are. If you have defined shoulders, an off the shoulder or thin strapped top will show them off. If your derrière is your favorite asset (pun intended), wear something that helps show it off like a cute jumpsuit or a dress with a fitted bottom. When I say fitted though, you don’t have to wear a dress that should be used as Spanx, just something that will show off your shape in the best way. Now, a favorite trait can also be hair, eyes, lips, a toe etc. So if your eyes are your favorite body part, wear a garment color that will help to bring them out or wear a simple outfit with a dramatic eye with colors that will help accentuate your eye color. Same with your lips, wear a bright pink or red lipstick to make your lips pop, or go for a glossy look that will make your lips look even fuller. Doing these suggestions will help bring peoples focus to where you want them looking. You can also use accessories to draw attention to certain areas, like statement earrings, to help bring attention to your face or a detailed belt to show off your waist line. Literally, whatever your favorite part of your body is, there is a way to accentuate it without going overboard.


Same idea for favored body parts, goes for non-favored body parts. Not saying a woman shouldn’t love every part of their body, which is something every woman should work towards everyday, there are still those parts that we don’t necessarily want to accentuate or have attention drawn to. By using the suggestions in the previous section to draw focus on your preferred parts, it helps reduce the focal point being on the non preferred areas. On the assets you would rather people not notice, wear slimming colors like navy, black, deep reds or purples, and avoid patterns or details that will attract focus. Choosing outfits that are looser on the areas you don’t want standing out, like the common trouble area, the mid section, will also help to deter attention from those areas. Essentially, as long as you have a positive area that is catching everyones attention, it will prevent people from noticing the imperfect areas.


To look hot at a wedding without outshining the Bride is much simpler than people would think. With the Bride glowing with happiness, you can pretty much wear anything and wont steal the spotlight. But the key thing to look like a ten, above all others, is confidence. You can be wearing a potato sack and people would still ooh and awe over you if you wear it with confidence and swagger. The most beautiful thing a woman can wear to make her shine bright, is confidence.


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