How to Plan a Badass Winter Wonderland Wedding

October 27, 2020 Comment

Tis’ the season to be jolly ‒ considering there is a winter wedding to come! Arranging a winter wedding may sound stressful, but there are several steps you can take to ensure it runs smoothly. From the experience of former brides and wedding planners, this is the advice they wish they were given. Keep these ideas in mind for a romantic, yet practical winter wedding day.

Triple Check the Forecast. Unless you can say with absolute certainty, that there is no chance of weather impeding on your wedding day, make alternative arrangements.  Whether it be a secondary indoor location, or keeping towels on hand, work with your venue. This is one easy way to give yourself peace of mind, in the event that weather takes a turn for the worst. You can even download the Central Coast Bride app, and have a weather forecast on the go. Not only will you be mentally prepared, but you will be able to make the most of the supposedly ‘lucky’ occurrence. Rain, albeit unexpected, is a fun photography opportunity. In this case, tell the wedding party to pack their rain boots! To keep things elegant, and dry, provide clear dome umbrellas.


Dress for the Weather. Selecting an ensemble for the big day is one of the most important steps, however, so is your comfort. Neither you, or your wedding party, should have to freeze throughout the ceremony or photographs. If chilly weather is in the forecast, give your entourage some classy options to stay warm. If your ceremony is in the dead of winter, consider a velvet tux for the groomsmen. They will be on-trend, and toasty throughout the evening. The ladies can be a bit trickier, but no worries. A simple shawl or faux fur wrap will complement their dresses beautifully ‒ bride included. For shoes, advise a style that is closed toe ‒ to keep your little piggies from freezing!


Add a Pop of Color. When planning a winter wedding, many couples utilize white as a main color. Although popular, never be afraid of color! In fact, a contrasting color can bring warmth and elegance back to an otherwise chilly day. Before deciding on a color, you should first be sure that it suits your skin tone. We don’t want the bride getting washed out! It should also be appropriate for the season ‒ so avoid coral and teal. Instead, consider jewel tones, such as emerald, jade, merlot or plum. Want to glam it up? Precious metals are festive, yet stunning. More so, black-tie weddings remain popular. And, if you prefer, there is nothing wrong with a neutral tone wedding palette.

Simple is Elegant. When planning a wedding, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the elements we want, but don’t necessarily need. As you go about using your allotted budget, you may realize that decorating is one of the least important elements of your day. And that is okay! What you may not realize, is that simple is still stylish. You don’t have to be a minimalist to see how beautiful and put-together modest decorations are. Use natural elements, such as greenery, to easily fill empty space ‒ without adding clutter. A couple flowers, versus many, are dainty, yet chic. Try using Pinterest, to get some inspiration on minimalist table settings and centerpieces.


Impress with Fun Fare and Cocktails. Let’s be honest, the best part of the wedding is when you have a drink in your hand and a belly full of food. If you want to bring some entertainment to your wedding menu, provide hot drinks or an interactive dessert. When people step up to the bar, surprise them with unique options, like a ‘Bailey’s Irish Coffee’ or a ‘classic Hot Toddy’. Both are delicious, yet simple, and will spark your guests’ interest. You can also prepare a hot chocolate bar, toppings and whipped cream included. For food, a fire pit and s’mores create the perfect area for socializing. We guarantee that these little touches are a highlight, and will help keep guests on their feet.


Keep Everyone Cozy. Hosting a wedding means making the necessary arrangements to keep not only yourself, but your guests comfortable. This is especially important for a winter wedding, when the weather can be unpredictable. To start, make sure that your wedding venue provides enough coverage and warmth for guests. Open-sided buildings do not perform well in either scenario. Even in a structure with walls, an extra space heater or two can go far. You can also get creative with your wedding favors. Pass out cute hand warmers, or present guests with fleece blankets for the ceremony. These will let guests know that you had them in mind.

Find everything you need, and more, for the winter wedding of your dreams, at an upcoming local wedding expo. For other recommendations, view our comprehensive and locally focused list of vendors at Central Coast Bride. Or, take advantage of our free, easy to use wedding planning tools, like checklists, budget helpers and advice. So, please get in touch with us today, as we look forward to helping you bring the wedding of your dreams to reality.

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