7 Ways to Create a Sexy Wedding Look & Keep it Classy in the Bustline

October 18, 2018 Comment

The plunging V neckline. The side boob. The strategic appliques. They’re gaining popularity with the modern bride and we’re all for it. Why? Because the world is desperately in need of women who are expressive, authentic to the core and willing to embrace their femininity, beauty and sensuality. And this comes into play when choosing your wedding dress.

By being in the wedding industry for over 13 years and creating sexy and empowering images through boudoir and wedding photography, it’s been a huge component of ours to create an experience where women both look and feel beautiful. The images boost women’s confidence, capture their radiance, reclaim femininity and shift the way in which they see and perceive themselves. The kind of mind-altering buzz that most everyone can benefit from, without the hangover.

Through the lens of female empowerment and with boudoirs increasingly becoming the hottest groom’s gift, we’ve taken note on some wardrobe tips that can help you master the classy wedding-day look, while adding a dose of sexiness to your neckline:

  1. The plunging V is best suited for the modest busted, but if you’re more well-endowed on top, consider a more narrow deep V rather than a wide one. If it looks like you’re going to pop out and you’re still madly in love with the dress, take your sassy self down to #2.
  2. Go heavy on the fashion tape and grab yourself a pair of nude colored pasties to prevent the nip slip of the night.
  3. Insert sheer fabric in the deep V or around the lace applique if you want to strike a balance with being sexy and tasteful. The illusion will keep things to the imagination, which can go a long way without showing it all.
  4. Get a good low cut support bra to keep your chest from bouncing and making your grandparents awkward.
  5. If the plunging neckline is the main dress statement, talk with your makeup artist and hair stylist about toning it down and a more natural look.
  6. Pair your gown with a veil to add a softer feminine element to your vixen-inspired wardrobe. It will appear to lessen the amount of skin revealed.
  7. Get your hands a dress with perfectly positioned cut outs to show off that side boob. These dresses tend to showcase a sexy little sliver without being too provocative.

Bottom line, have fun with it, do YOU and choose a dress that makes you feel the most beautiful in. And if you’ve followed these tips and still not sure if you’ll fall out, but are in love with the dress, fuck it. Wear it.

Written by Lindsey Hahn



IG: @lindseyhahnphoto

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