The Top 2023 Wedding Trends For A Kickass Soiree – Guaranteed!

October 30, 2022 Comment

After riding the wedding industry roller coaster for the last few years, we probably shouldn’t attempt to predict what 2023 will bring, but here we are. We simply can’t help but get excited, so we trolled the internet, asked our vendors, and curated a list of the top 2023 wedding trends that’ll guarantee a kickass soirée.

Since 2020, couples have abandoned traditional significant wedding customs and expectations in favor of their unique wedding plans. And we’ll continue to see this trend evolve. As a result, couples and vendors will usher in and embrace some fantastic new wedding trends in 2023, just as the previous several years have demonstrated.From mixed-gender wedding parties (think Groomsmaids and Mates of Honor), cash wedding registries, and exciting new ways to honeymoon, there’s a lot to predict about the quickly changing wedding world. And since we’re kind of the Central Coast wedding experts, we’re letting you in on the top 2023 wedding trends guaranteed to shake up the industry. 

So, sit back, relax and read on. You’ll definitely want to include these 2023 wedding trends at your event.

Ditch The Traditional Bridal Parties

It’s time to ditch the traditional bridal parties by no longer only having women on the bride’s side and guys for the groom. We absolutely LOVE this 2023 wedding trend. So, you can eliminate the phrase “bridal parties” and start referring to them as wedding parties. 

Genderless wedding parties are a thing to celebrate. So, have a Mate of Honor, a Man of Honor, or a Groomsmaid or Best Lady, Flower Man, or Flower woman. It’s your day, and you should do it how you want to.

Trending 2023 Wedding Colors

Blush has been a popular color in weddings for many years, but in recent times, Lavender is the new blush. And recently, Pantone announced Digital Lavender as their 2023 color of the year, so we’re expecting it to be all over weddings.

But we also believe that in 2023, lilac and lavender’s richer cousins – plum, eggplant, and fig, will arrive on the scene to help elevate wedding table aesthetics from sweet and whimsical to sophisticated and elegant. And we’re digging it!

Pair these deep purple hues with soft shades of lavender, whites, and creams to uplift your 2023 color palette for Spring and Summer weddings. 

Rich purples decorated with brass or gold for weddings in the fall and winter feel lively. Feathery accents and dried blossoms with a gold tint can heighten the sense of luxury.

Tech Weddings

Technology has recently entered the wedding industry and is here to stay. In 2023, technology will be helpful for weddings by providing customized QR codes on the menu, seating charts, and invites.

2023 Floral Wedding Trends 

Say goodbye to small and dainty flower arrangements. In 2023, couples will be looking for ways to make significant impacts, and flowers are a great way to do this. We predict that more couples will include large floral installations versus multiple small arrangements. They’ll use them as ceremony backdrops, which can be repurposed at the reception as a photo backdrop. Or they’ll be suspended from the ceiling for an awe-inspiring decor element.

In the 2023 floral color trends, we should see bold colors and soft palettes which will look incredible at the wedding reception venues San Luis Obispo CA.

The age of neutrals has been around for a while, and for a good reason. Post-pandemic brides and grooms are seeking something more exciting than the exquisite whites and creams that make for a basic and classic aesthetic. 

Don’t be afraid to sneak in a couple of your favorite colors to your flower arrangements because doing so is a lovely way to represent joy, vitality, and fresh beginnings. Consider wildflowers, poppies, and roses.

beautiful bride and groom in the wedding ceremony area of live white and pink flowers. decoration and organization of celebrations in the open air.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Trends: Sustainable Fashion

With 22% of couples reporting that it was a factor in their wedding planning, sustainability is becoming a more prominent topic of discussion in the wedding industry. This will surely continue as couples look for original ways to celebrate responsibly throughout 2023 and beyond.

Wedding attire is extremely wasteful. Bridal fashion is killing our planet from the processes used to dye fabrics and the sheer amount of material necessary to factory emissions and shipping. Of course, it is not sustainable to only wear your wedding attire once, for 5 hours. But there is still hope.

We’re seeing more couples considering eco-friendly options throughout the wedding, including in fashion. Today, many sustainable wedding dress designers offer a beautiful selection of gowns that aren’t as harmful to the earth.

And purchasing a gently used wedding dress allows you to reduce your wedding budget and offers the dress a fresh lease on life. Or, as we like to say, “another trip down the aisle.” And after the big day, your used wedding dress can also be resold, eliminating another gown being made and impacting the environment. 

360 Degree Photobooths

One of the best ways to amuse guests and provide unique wedding favors, the service of hiring a photo booth for a wedding, has exploded onto the wedding market. It is a simple and enjoyable way for your guests to take a particular memory from the day with them.

But video booths, famous for being at the Oscars and photographing all the major celebrities, are a recent market craze that will be a hit in 2023. Your wedding DJs San Luis Obispo CA can help you with all your wedding photo booth needs. 

This 360-degree component features a photography platform that produces amazing 360-degree videos that are perfect for social media sharing and trending. Using a QR code, the visitors can download the videos and boomerangs.

Cash Registries

The registries for weddings have also become greener. Finally, asking for money for your wedding is losing its stigma and becoming more commonplace. When it comes to wedding gifts, most couples we surveyed prefer cash to goods.

Financial gift registries are no longer seen as tacky and are making online transfers for cash gifts even simpler. Couples can even set up particular funds for things like home purchases and honeymoons to show visitors what their gift will be spent on.


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