Toasting Tips Your Best Man or Maid of Honor Need To Know

May 5, 2018 Comment

Contributed by: DJ Anthony Salas of Epic Entertainment
Anthony is a 24 year veteran of the wedding industry and is the founder/co-owner of Epic Entertainment and owner of Butlerz Event & Beach Rentals. Between his different companies, he oversees nearly 600 wedding and events every year.

Preparing for your toast

  • Write your toast out ahead of time. Trying to write notes and thoughts the day of the wedding can be stressful.
  • Use note cards. Don’t try to write it out word-for-word.
  • Practice your toast. Practice with a friend, family member or a mirror.
  • Be yourself. If you are a serious person, keep the toast serious. If you are a joker, inject some humor, but don’t try to be something that you are not.
  • Keep it brief. Try not to exceed 10 minutes.
  • Save the hard liquor for after the toast. Drunkenness, and lack of judgement are not pretty at a wedding.
  • Keep it “Family-Friendly.” Watch you language. If you share stories, make sure it’s something that you would gladly share with your own grandmother.

Ideas For Your Toast

  • Relationship. How did you meet the bride and/or groom?
  • Childhood stories. Did you grow up together as children? What did you do together?
  • Friendship. What does their friendship mean to you?
  • How they met. Were you there? Were you involved? What were your thoughts when they first met?
  • Watching them grow and develop. Could you tell when they were falling in love? When? How?
  • Words of wisdom. What can you share to help them have a long, lasting relationship?
  • Quotes. If you know of any quotes, poems or lyrics that describe the couple, use it. But don’t over-do it.
  • Always end on a positive note. If you tell a funny story, close with something sentimental and a reason you know that the bride and groom are perfect for each other.

Delivering Your Toast

  • Use your notes. Don’t read word-for-word, but have your outline with you.
  • Hold the microphone 1 inch away from your chin. It won’t pick up your voice when it’s held near your stomach.
  • Speak clearly.
  • End by asking everyone to raise their glasses and toast the happy couple.

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