Wedding After-Party Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

November 9, 2022 Comment

After the rings are exchanged, photos are taken, and speeches have made people laugh or embarrassed them beyond belief, it’s time for the San Luis Obispo wedding DJ to play the last tune. And while the reception may be coming to an end, it’s time for the ultimate and most epic part of your wedding to start- you’re kick-ass wedding after-party! But, before you get carried away thinking about the good times you’ll have, there are wedding-after-party mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Wedding After Party Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid

You know we’ve seen a few thousand weddings, parties, and wedding expos in our time, so we’re here to tell you there can be some pretty incredible and unfortunate mistakes at weddings after parties. And since it’s possibly the last event at your wedding celebration, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes at all costs. So, knowing them ahead of time will help save you from a few catastrophes. After all, you want everyone to have a good time, not go to jail.

A wedding after-party is just as the name suggests, it’s supposed to be laid-back fun and a way to carry on the wedding shenanigans and festivities well into the wee hours of the morning. However, things can get out of control without proper planning, so you should avoid some wedding after-party mistakes at any cost. 

Manage The Bar

If you have a certain location in mind such as a hotel, swanky bar, or a stylish café, as the potential venue for your wedding after-party, you need to consider the costs. Are you comfortable with starting a gigantic tab, so you pay for drinks and snacks for everyone that is going to be there? Or, will your wedding after-party be a pay-on-your-own event? You must consider these things because you don’t want to choose a location your guests can’t afford. 


Wedding after-party bar with guests
Having an approximate number of guests in mind that are invited or indeed welcome at the after-party (which cannot be everyone who was there at the reception for obvious reasons) can help you keep track. If you are having the after party at your own house or a friend’s house, you can have a “bring your own” policy as well and keep snacks casual such as having a few grazing platters. It is unlikely guests will be extremely hungry after the large reception meal, but you will want to be prepared. Especially for drinkers. 

If you ask guests to pay for their own tab, make sure you communicate this when you forward the invitation. Some guests may assume otherwise that since they gave a wedding check or an expensive gift, they do not need to pay for drinks at the after-party. Timely clarification prevents misunderstandings and arguments. 

Limit The Guest

Your wedding reception is undoubtedly one of the happiest days of your life, but you should be wary of inviting everyone from the reception to the after-party. Not only does this make people spend more than they should, but it can also affect their work day tomorrow, and they might feel they need to attend and contribute just out of politeness.

Keep your guest list small and intimate, and do not announce anything regarding the after-party at the actual reception. Once there has been a spectacular wedding exit and send-off, you can head on over to the chosen venue and await your guests.

Arrange For Transportation Ahead Of Time

It is a good idea to arrange transportation, such as a private car or a limo, to drive you, your spouse, and your loved ones to the after-party venue. Or, hey! A party bus would be awesome! If your wedding is in peak season with an evening reception, you do not want to be reliant on getting several cabs simultaneously. 

It’s also not a good idea to be standing with your valuables, such as wallets or wedding jewelry, on the street trying to hail a cab or sticking around at the venue after closing time to book one online. 

Calculate the number of expected guests and arrange accommodation accordingly. If you want your guests to pool in, inform them beforehand when you are making the payment so they can reimburse you. Don’t forget to tip the cab or rental car drivers!

Black and white photo of Bride and groom in limo

Choose The Hotel Bar, Not Hotel Suite

A common mistake many couples make is to host the party at their hotel suite, which can result in noise, a huge mess and affect their own quality of sleep once the guests have left. Not to mention it is hard to get people to leave your suite, and you might have to make an uncomfortable announcement. Use the hotel bar (which has a designated last call time anyway) so that guests know when to leave.

Do Compulsory Last Checks 

It is not unheard of for brides or grooms or their bridesmaids or groomsmen to leave some of their belongings by mistake at the reception venue or at the after-party venue. Depending on how much you have drunk, you might be likely to leave behind your phone or handbag or even the wedding gifts or checks. 

Appoint someone like your mother or best friend to ensure nothing is left at either the reception venue or the after-party venue.  This will ensure you won’t need to go back to get it or worry about tracing it if someone else has picked it up. Have a system in place for utilizing leftover food you have paid for and for transporting wedding gifts, leftover favor boxes, etc., to your home. You definitely don’t want those regrets or extra worries in the morning.

Beware The Open-Air After Party Locations

Many couples prefer an open-air wedding after-party venue complete with a food truck, cocktail bar, or even a BBQ pit! The one danger of this idea is that people who are not after-party guests can assume anyone can join in, and they may even place free orders at your food truck or bar. It’s been known to happen! 

Consider marking out the area or having all your guests wear a badge or something else that is an identifying element, such as a glow bracelet. You can also place signs and lights around the spot so that people do not interfere. If you have created this after-party spot, you will need to rent or arrange for music equipment, adequate lighting, an adequate supply of food and drinks, and so forth, so there is no inconvenience on the day itself.

Nightclub for after the wedding party

A Change Of Attire 

Your wedding dress is a wonderfully sentimental, expensive piece, and you will probably want to change out of it before starting the after-party festivities. Know in advance whether you will change at the wedding venues in San Luis Obispo, CA, or make a stop before the after-party venue.

Many brides change into a wedding exit outfit, but some prefer to have the exit wearing their wedding dress. If you belong to the latter category, know exactly where you will go first to change and lay out your outfit and accessories the same day, so it is a quick change before you join your loved ones at the after-party.

And make sure to appoint someone to be in charge of gathering and protecting both of your wedding day outfits. You have to ensure the tuxes return to the rental company and that your dress makes it home. Since you’re heading to an epic wedding after-party, you may forget to take your dress. 

A wedding after-party is a great idea, but only when done right. Make sure to have a plan, keep it intimate and ensure everyone has safe transportation to get home safely. Enjoy!

If you need help with wedding services in Central Coast or wedding vendors Slo CA, we can help! Helping couples plan weddings with the best vendors in the San Luis Obispo area is our jam, and we can’t wait to help you plan your dream wedding day. 

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