The Best California Wedding Expos

We don’t take wedding expos and bridal shows lightly. They’re centerpieces of our aim to create the best weddings for every central Californian bride.

There’s something to be said for meeting someone face-to-face these days. And when that someone is going to be involved in creating your wedding, it’s crucial. For your wedding vendors to really work together as a team on the big day, it’s important that they get along with each other. And most importantly, that they get along with you.

That’s why we work so hard to throw numerous wedding expos and bridal shows a year. We want to bring every couple into contact with the best local wedding vendors. And it’s important to us that we don’t refer our central California couples to some vendor on the other side of the country. You should have access to the very best wedding vendors near you.

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Registered Wedding Vendors for October 17, 2021 include:

Loose Tie Photography
DJ Moni Entertainment
805 Magic Mirror
Arlyne’s Flowers
Rustic Ranch Weddings
Revive MD Medical Group
Summerwood Winery & Inn
Epic Entertainment
Exciting Vacations & More
Stephanie Secrest Photography
Bekah Nicholson Photography
Santa Maria Country Club
OrangeTheory Fitness

Martino’s Catering
Pashion Footwear
Bauer Dental Center
Central Coast Wedding Hair
San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens
The Monarch Club
Butlerz Event Rentals
Bottles & Ice Bar Services 
GG Designs
Catherine Riedstra State Farm
Stella & Dot

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Build Your Future Vendor Dream Team

Central Coast Bride wedding expos bring together the crème de la crème of the California wedding industry. Sign up for our next show and meet your future vendors in person.

Shake Some Hands

A handshake and first impression say a lot. No where is that more true than with wedding vendors. Come to a CCB wedding show and shake some hands!

Get Some Discounts

Many vendors offer bridal expo discounts. Maybe that one vendor you wanted that’s just out of budget will be able to meet you halfway if you catch the show.

Find Some Vendors

Some vendors offer great service but may not be as online-savvy. Meet CCB show vendors who may not show up on typical searches and find some hidden gems.

Meet Other Couples

Wedding expos aren’t just about meeting new vendors (though that is a big part). Sometimes, half the fun comes from just meeting other newly-engaged couples. Swap proposal stories and sip champagne with other couples. And maybe inspiration will strike for your own planning. 

See Vendors in Action

Some vendors have to be seen in action. A band or a DJ may have samples online of their performances, but the real thing may be a different matter. The same is also true of caterers and many other wedding vendors. See your future vendors in action and in their elements.

Have A Good Time

Above all else: have fun! Bridal expos are meant to be an enjoyable, social occasion. Bring your bridesmaids or groomsmen to sample food, take in the fashion, or just walk around seeing the sights. CCB always cultivates an atmosphere of fun and engagement.

Don't Wait To Start Your Planning

Planning a wedding can seem daunting. It’s easy to put off finding your vendors or booking a venue. After all, your wedding is months away… right?

We want your entire planning and vendor booking process to be as simple as possible. All you should have to focus on is walking down the aisle! That’s why we’ve worked to simplify the wedding planning process. Between our planning app and our wedding shows, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no need to put off your planning. Sign up for a free Central Coast Bride account and get started today!

Your wedding team working cohesively together is what makes a great wedding. You can have the hippest DJ or tastiest catering. But if no one is working together, trouble is brewing. Meet and vet your future vendor team at a CCB bridal show or with our online vendor portal.

You don’t need a hundred different documents, spreadsheets, and email addresses to plan your wedding right. These days, all of that can be done in one place. And that one place is Central Coast Bride. Eliminate that pre-wedding planning stress and coordinate with ease.

When planning a wedding these days, cost can’t be ignored. It’s important to know your budget and be able to work within it to find the right vendors for you. That’s why we’ve added tools so you can track your wedding budget and plan out every part of your big day.

The wedding world is wider than many couples realize. It can be overwhelming to search hundreds of sites and manage dozens of different emails. We wanted to simplify the process. Having an amazing wedding should cause headaches. Central Coast Bride can help eliminate the stress of wedding planning. We have shows in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Monterey/Santa Cruz and Ventura County.