Don’t Host a Lame Wedding Rehearsal Dinner!

August 18, 2020 Comment

Practicing can be thought of as more of a chore, especially when it’s not something special for you. The people who are playing a huge role in your wedding day, such as the wedding party, officiant, and more, can feel as though they are putting in a lot of work for your big day. They are certainly happy to be a part of your special event, but it does take their own personal time away.

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You can show how thankful you are for their participation with a special and unique wedding rehearsal dinner, making practicing fun!

Here at Central Coast Bride, we are happy to help you ensure that your wedding members enjoy your big day, and the events leading up to it! That’s why we have gathered five unconventional ways in which you can present your own wedding rehearsal dinner. Are you ready to discover some great inspiration? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Your Local Wine & Brewery. Wine and brews are quite popular these days. Your rehearsal dinner guests will certainly adore a celebratory trip to the local brewery or wineries in your town. Everyone can experience new tastes as they prepare for your big day.
  • Present a Theme. Who doesn’t love a fun theme to celebrate? You and your rehearsal guests can enjoy a festive themed dinner party to get your spirits up. A “murder mystery” night would turn it into a fun event for everyone attending.
  • Cruising the Seas. If you want to really sweep your wedding rehearsal dinner guests off their feet, at least set them down on a boat. You can host a dinner cruise so that you can enjoy the waves and fresh water as you indulge in a delicious cuisine.
  • Feels Like Home. You can make your guests feel completely comfortable in a setting that feels like home, when you host your wedding rehearsal dinner with your home or a close friend or family member’s. Hosting a backyard barbecue allows your guests to take a less formal approach to your wedding festivities and allows everyone to be casual one last time before wedding day.
  • Delicious Pie. As much as we love the fruity pies that populate the world, we are talking about a different pie that has won everyone’s heart, pizza! You can host a pizza night for your guests. After all, who can say no to pizza? This is an appropriate idea for guests of all ages.

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Are you ready to impress the members of your big day with an incredible wedding rehearsal dinner? Here at Central Coast Bride, we are ready to pair you with the best wedding vendors in Ventura, California, such as Mixed Events bartending service. Please contact us today to discover your Santa Barbara wedding vendors.


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