Tips for Reviewing Wedding Vendors After You Tie the Knot

May 11, 2020 Comment

You walked down the aisle, surrendered your soul to your partner for the rest of your life, and smacked a big kiss among their lips to seal the deal. After, you celebrated with all of your closest friends and family members, you then headed off to your honeymoon for a little hanky panky and fun, to end your nuptials with a bang!

Now, you are back to reality, at home. Work, school, kids, cooking, cleaning; you are most likely quite busy. However, you won’t want to forget to leave some reviews for the awesome wedding vendors who brought your big day to life. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have been able to create such a badass wedding. So, they should certainly be thanked for their time!

If you are satisfied with the services that your wedding vendors presented, you will certainly want to leave them a fantastic review! That’s why, here at Central Coast Bride, as a resource for discovering Grover Beach wedding vendors, we have gathered some tips to assist you with reviewing your own vendors after your big day. If you are all set to discover some helpful insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • No Lies

    Being honest is a must! After all, without honesty, what is the point of even writing a review? The key is to be genuine, no matter what direction your review will take. If your vendor was wonderful, share the love. If not, don’t be afraid to share your feelings about what your vendors could’ve done differently, or how you truly feel about the way that they presented their services.

  • Avoid Procrastinating

    No one doubts that you have quite a bit going on after your wedding day. But, it’s still important that you don’t wait too long to write your reviews. Your vendors are sure to be anxiously awaiting your review, as they will surely want to know your thoughts about how they serviced your big day. So, be timely, as it’s best to write your reviews within the month after your big day, ideally within a couple of weeks.

  • Think About It

    Your review should reflect your real thoughts. It certainly shouldn’t be a quick draft that is posted. Take the time to share your genuine thoughts about the professionalism of the vendor, and the reasons as to why you enjoyed them servicing your wedding. Not only will your vendors appreciate a well-written review, but other couples who are considering booking them will like all of the details that they can get their hands on.

  • Highlight the Details

    Your wedding was unique, and the details matter a great deal. Share the specific details that you adored or disliked. It can help future couples as well as the vendors. Writing about the specifics that your vendors showcased will let other couples know what made that vendor unique. So, if you loved specific flowers that were incorporated into your centerpieces, or if your cake was to die for, share your thoughts!

  • Get to the Point

    You don’t have to write a giant review that you feel is full of appreciation or disgust. Your review can be concise, yet still real. Pointing out the key elements that made the vendor great is a wonderful way to express your thanks and inform other couples of the main reasons as to why they were wonderful to work with. So, avoid using a ton of sentences and big words that don’t matter, and just write the truth!

Reviews are crucial for the success of a wedding vendor! These are just a few tips to assist you with writing yours.

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